Chris Gayle Competes Shahid Afridi

Chris Gayle, the West Indian hard hitting opener and left handed batsman competed with another all rounder Shahid Afridi who has been very popular for his hitting in the cricketing grounds. The competition was rather quite different to hitting sixes as it was called beach bouncy ball competition. The competition did not only include both the hitters but it also had another player of the West Indies cricket team.

Chris Gayle has been considered as one of the top hitters of the cricket ball and has been liked a lot by the fans all around the world. He was not only a batsman but used to ball right arm spin bowling as well. A competition was held in the West Indies near the beach and it included him and Shahid Afridi too. Chanderpaul was the other player who also participated in the competition.

That was the quite unique sport that was played just for fun. The sport called bouncy ball completion in which all the contenders had to bounce the ball with the rotated bat. West Indies batsman started to go with his bat for the first turn of him. As he started to bounce the ball he also started to count the bounces too.

Chris Gayle managed to bounce the ball with the bat six times and he thought that the others would not cross him. Pakistani all rounder started the competition having the target in his mind. He was very confident that he would win it from the West Indies opener. After bouncing six times he dropped the ball that equaled the left handed.

Chris Gayle and Shahid Afridi were quite excited that they both had equaled in the competition but the next turn was of another test cricketer Chanderpaul. He started to bounce the little ball with the edge of the bat and also kept on counting it. Both the hitters were defeated by this man who managed to bounce the ball more than them and won the competition.

Chris Gayle Vs Shahid Afridi

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