Chris Gayle Celebrate Afghanistan Cricket Team Win

Chris Gayle celebrated Afghanistan cricket team win and surprised themselves as well. West Indies lost to the new team Afghanistan who looked very decent through out the world cricket cup. They had really played with their hearts and in the end their hard work really paid off. West Indies cricket team never thought of such result in the last group match of the world cup.

Chris Gayle has been considered as fun loving cricketer from West Indies cricket team. Since his debut in the cricket arena he has earned the reputation of big hitters of the Cricket sport. Most recently he turned out be very attractive in the shorter format. He has playing lots of champion leagues. For West Indies cricket team he has captained many times.

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Afghanistan cricket board worked very hard and they needed a perfect win for themselves as they have been considered as very hard working team that has attracted many people including the cricket experts. Afghanistan cricket board’s win was on the cards as they had really good team men in their sides.

Chris Gayle recent celebration was something very new for the whole cricketing world as nobody ever had seen such celebration with the winning team. Although he was playing for West Indies cricket team yet he was dancing with the Afghanistan cricket board players to raise the moral of them selves. It was the first time that the world cricket has witnessed such thing.

Chris Gayle was criticized for teasing a female commentator during the Big Bash league in Australia and since then people had started to give attention to the left handed batsman who has charismatic personality. West Indies cricket team had some issues with him in the past but he has been coming in and going out of the side.

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