CCTV Footage Gets Leaked

CCTV footage got leaked of a wife attempting to take the life out of the mother of her husband who was a business man. That business man just got married to a lady of his own choice but that lady did not like her mother in law. She had fought many times with the mother of the business man. Her mother in law got injured and was taken to the hospital.

Without CCTV footage nobody might have been able to know what happened to the mother of the business man who was taken to the hospital in serious condition. The video was quite shocking for the husband of that lady too who loved her mother so much that he always wanted to take care of her in his absence too.

The mother of the business man got hit on her head badly and then was taken for the treatment to the hospital in serious condition. The husband of that lady rushed to the hospital to see her mother in that injury. The wife of that business man was also weeping as she pretended she did not anything to her mother in law.

CCTV Footage was not seen by any of the person at that point and the business son of the mother who was in hospital in critical condition did not get well soon. The report was registered in the police station by the business man who then investigated the whole incident that started from the wife of the business man.

Police watched CCTV Footage that was made by the device that was placed by the business man son of that lady who was being treated in the hospital. The son of that lady could not believe what was revealed to him courtesy that video. Her wife was the culprit who beat his mother with stones and tried to squeeze her so that she could not live any more.

CCTV Footage

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