CCTV Footage Exposed Wife Activity

CCTV Footage exposed the activity of the wife of a business man who did not know what happened to his mother after he went to his office. The mother of the business man got injured and was shifted to the hospital for the treatment but he did not have any clue what went wrong with his mother while he was not at home.

The CCTV footage was leaked when he got the time to check the accessories at home then the business remembered that he had placed some sort of device in her room to monitor his ailing mother so that she did not get to trouble. The video was shocking that he could not believe what he had seen in the video that was saved courtesy that device.

The police had started the investigation and the son of that mother who was shifted to the hospital got to know the surprising reality of her mother getting injured. The business man was shocked to see the video clip that was taken from the device he had placed there in the room of the mother to monitor the activity.

The CCTV footage was so terrible that the business man was almost down on his knees when he along with the police men watched the video that showed how his mother was treated and then shifted to hospital. It showed that his wife had beaten her so hard and tried to almost take her life by hitting some sort of stone in her head. The husband of that wife who attempted to take the life of her mother in law got furious at her wife activity and wanted to take revenge of that.

That CCTV footage was then showed to the parents of the wife of the business man and they were also amazed at the attempt of their lady to take the life of the mother of the business man who was his husband and they got married according to the will of the parents of both business man and their daughter. The mother in law was in critical condition in the hospital.

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