Captain of Cricket Team Penalizes Umer Akmal

Captain of the Pakistan cricket team penalized three players of the team who did not perform well in the world cup matches. Umer Akmal, Ahmed Shehzad and Shoaib Malik were the players who were blamed to have under performed knowingly. The funny video of the three cricketers got viral everywhere on the social media since the supporters of the Pakistan team did not also like their attitude.

Captain Shahid Afridi also hinted at those three players including Umer Akmal and the rest of the players. Those three players including Ahmed Shehzad and Shoaib Malik did not give their hundred percent in the world cup matches. They were selected on the basis of the cricket league that was played in Dubai including international players.

Those three players could have given their best but they were alleged to be forming a group against Shahid Afridi. The hints of Shahid Afridi also did not look baseless as they did not seem to score runs when needed. The supporters of the Pakistan cricket team also felt the same thing and they all protested against them.

Captain was not happy with their attitude and the coach also mentioned their names that had negative attitude. Umer Akmal has been in the news earlier as well when he intentionally backed out of the team just before the match in Australia started. Such attitude of backing out of the final eleven just before the international match raised so many questions.

Performance of Captain of the Pakistan cricket team was not also that much impressive the way it was expected. However it was observed that Shahid Afridi was singled out by those players including Ahmed Shehzad who has been his friend in the past. Shoaib Malik also has been criticized many times by the inquiry committee who was formed to find out the mistakes of losses in the cricket matches.

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