Camel Slaughter Goes Terribly Wrong

Black camel slaughter went wrong when Terribly the butcher was kicked by the giant animal. The butcher tried to be very expert but he did not have any clue how to start the sacrifice for the giant animal on the event of the famous festival of Eid. The incident took place on a crowded area where so many people including the kids and the old ones too to watch the sacrifice of the giant animal.

The camel was huge and it was taken to the open area on the road where people had gathered to watch the sacrifice. The butcher was called in for that purpose along with his friends who were supposed to help him out in slaughtering the big animal. The owner of the animal has spent huge amount on the animal to buy it so that it could sacrifice it on the event of Eid festival.

The people including the kids and the young ones were present there too with the mobile cameras. It has been the trend in the recent times that people have been used to capture the video of the slaughtering of the animal on the event of Eid festival. The same incident happened there as one of the boys recorded the video of the incident.

Black camel was ready to be slaughtered by the butcher while the people were standing really close to it and they kept on asking the butcher to cut the giant animal. The butcher was taking his time to tie it up so that it did not do anything harmful for everybody. As expected the slaughtering of the giant animal went wrong as the animal kicked the butcher when it started the sacrifice.

The camel got angry and kicked really hard the butcher. The butcher fell on the road and all the people who were standing there kept on shouting and asking the friends of the butcher to catch the animal. Fortunately it lost lots of blood and fell on the road that made the people to relax a bit.

Black Camel Slaughter

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