Brilliant Catch Gets Caught by Muhammad Amir

Brilliant Catch Gets Caught by Muhammad Amir was found on the video to be under performing in the match that was played against strong England cricket team. Their main batsman was batting at a very crucial stage and Pakistan team needed his wicket badly. That batsman just played the ball with a full face but unfortunately that ball went straight to the left arm medium fast bowler of Pakistan cricket team.

Video of famous cricketer leaked when the team management of Pakistan cricket team questioned him about his poor performance against the England cricket team. That match was lost of Pakistan cricket team but the bowler refused to accept the allegation. He said that it was just a rumor and there was not reality in such news.

The stadium in which that match was played had the full capacity of supporters who came there to support their team in green. All the people and the players themselves that were present in the stadium could not believe their eyes. The video of that catch has been shared and uploaded on the social media by the fans that were present there in that particular stadium.

Bowling of famous cricketer has been alright throughout the innings but his misfielding and the catches he dropped in the whole match raised some questions about his loyalty with the country. People who were present in the stadium said that they had watched with their eyes and concluded that they did not think that the bowler could drop the simple catch.

Wickets of famous cricketer were really important since the result could have been different off the bowling of him. The chances that were given to England batsmen gave them the lives to grab the victory from the hands of the bowling side. The supporters in the stadium started to call him with the bad .

Muhammad Amir Catch

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