Brian Lara Gets Yorker from Rana Naved-Ul-Hasan

Brian Lara the left hand famous batsman of West Indies got a Yorker on a hatrick ball by Rana Naved-Ul-Hasan that it took the middle stump. The delivery from Rana Naved-Ul-Hasan reminded the Yorker of Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis when they used to ball Yorkers in their cricketing era. The hatrick came in the master champions’ league match that was played in Dubai.

Left hand Brian Lara has been one of the top batsmen of West Indies cricket team and had a world record of high test Inning runs. He had faced many bowlers in his entire career and always tried to have a command on the bowler. Spectators always wanted to see him attacking the cricket ball. Dubai cricket stadium was the ground where he was playing in a cricket league.

Rana Naved-Ul-Hasan has been one of the bowlers of Pakistan cricket team who did not have classic fast bowling action but he had produced many quick balls that had surprised the batsmen. He was part of the team that played against the left hand batsman of West Indies. He had played that innings after so many years since he gave up playing cricket.

Brian Lara was facing Pakistan’s bowler Rana Naved-Ul-Hasan who has also left the international cricket. The batsman had to face the hatrick ball since Rana Naved-Ul-Hasan had taken two wickets on consecutive deliveries in Dubai cricket stadium. The left hand batsman was surprised by a quick Yorker as his country man used to bowl.

Brian Lara was cleaned by a wonderful Yorker from the medium fast bowler Rana Naved-Ul-Hasan to complete the hatrick. This was the only hatrick that happened in Dubai cricket stadium. the video showed that the quick Yorker by the right arm bowler demolished the stumps and the left hand batsman could not understand at all.

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