Brian Lara Gets Out by a Woman

Brian Lara the great left hander of the West Indies cricket team got out off the bowling of a woman cricketer. That was the most surprising and embarrassing moment for the cricketer. The left hander was playing in a charity match that was organized to raise funds for some charity purpose. The team included different players from teams including the retired players as well.

Brian Lara would never forget once in a life time he was deceived with the cricket ball by a woman in a match that was organized for the charity purpose. The main purpose of that match was to support the needy persons. Many cricketers have been playing such matches for different boards. This time a woman got the attraction of the news.

That woman amazed and embarrassed one of the top blokes of the cricketing world when she got him out stumped and also the wicket keeper caught the catch as well. The charity match was telecasted on the TV channel as well since its purpose was to collect money for the needy persons. The delivery that surprised the whole world was the wicket of the great left hand batsman.

The moment Brian Lara touched the bat and it went straight into the hands of the wicket keeper, he started to walk. The left hander batsman was out of his crease as well and got stumped too. The umpire was asked whether he was given out stumped or caught behind, the replied the he was caught behind firstly then the wicket keeper broke the stumps.

Brian Lara tried to go for a huge boundary but the woman bowler pitched it just outside the off stump. The ball then was nicked to the wicket keepers’ gloves. The replay showed that he was out caught behind not stumped. The batsman did not mind walking off the pitch since he never been such cricketer who could stay there. He did that due to the charity purpose.

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