Brett Lee Surprises with Longest Six

Brett Lee surprised the whole world when his hit went all the way out of the stadium in Australia against West Indies. He hit the longest six and all the cricket fans could not believe. That shot was played in 2005 when West Indies toured in Australia. The bowler did not expect such strong shot from a bowler. He has been the fastest bowler of Australia but this time he smashed the ball with his bat rather than with his arm.

Brett Lee was the man who amazed the whole cricketing world with his huge hit that traveled that far in the stadium of Australia. Due to the wind, the ball kept on going with it and it landed all the way out of the park in the net where the players of Australia were supposed to do practice. The analysis of the commentators of Australia and West Indies showed the graphic presentation of that hit that was of 143 meters.

Shahid Afridi and Chris Gayle were also famous for hitting sixes and they both had hit long and huge sixes in every ground of Australia. The recent shot played by the bowler of Australia was the most longest shot that was ever hit in Australia. West Indies bowler tried to bowl in the feet but it could not be executed perfectly.

Brett Lee gave it a big heave with full force. He had the fire power in his arm so he achieved that longest six award. It was hit against West Indies in Australia and the whole experts of cricket could not believe when they heard about that news of the bowler. Everybody expected such hit from Shahid Afridi and Chris Gayle since they were the best hitters in the world.

Brett Lee defeated both of them when it came to the power hitting. Despite of the fact that he was known for his quick bowling, he achieved something that was not associated with his name.

Longest Six in Cricket History

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