Brett Lee Hits Longest Six

Brett Lee hit longest six in the history of cricket and amazed the whole cricketing world. He was a bowler with immense pace but he surprised cricket Australia and West Indies when he did something with his bat. All the cricket fans and the commentators were surprised to watch the longest hit ever hit in Australia. It was told that the distance of that hit was 143 meters.

Brett Lee smashed the ball with great force and the ball kept on going in the air. The ball then went out of the stadium and it landed right in the net. Australia played the test match against West Indies cricket team. The batsman could not hit that far but the bowler of the Australia team hit that very hard and it was considered as one of the longest six in the history of cricket sport.

West Indies did have batsmen who could hit that far but nobody was able to smash that ball that hard. Due to the pace of the bowler, the batsman was able to time the ball perfectly. The commentators did talk about that hit after the match presentation. They talked about the power of the batsman that went behind the ball.

Brett Lee never ever thought that he could get the fame in the field of sixes. He was known for his quick bowling and the cricket fans of Australia also liked him for his aggression in the cricket field. He had hit many balls when he was batting since he loved batting also. Fast bowler of Australia was also very excited about the hit that was played by the batsman.

Brett Lee was really impressed with the batting of the player of West Indies. It was the era when he used to bowl very quick and all the players of West Indies got scared of his bowling.

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