Brett Lee Gets Welcomed by Shahid Afridi

Brett Lee got welcomed by Shahid Afridi in Australia in a surprising way when he hit him with full speed. The bowler from the team Australia was bowling very quickly and the crowd was behind him. Nobody expected such reaction from the batsman when Shahid Afridi hit the ball with the same speed as the bowler bowled. The ball went all the way for six.

Brett Lee always had a go at the all rounder Shahid Afridi whenever they both met with each other. The real fast bowler of Australia has been in the prime form in that series. He wanted to go hard at the pinch hitter Shahid Afridi and tried to ball a full pitch delivery. Shahid Afridi could not go against his natural instincts.

Australia pitches were suitable for the fast bowlers and all the Pakistani batsmen never had the skills to adjust there and make free runs. Shahid Afridi on the other hand, did not get bother by the pace and swing in the pitch of Australia since he only knew one shot and that was hitting the ball hard. He did that with the pace bowler too when Shahid Afridi hit the bowler as fast as he bowled.

Shahid Afridi vs Brett Lee

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