Brett Lee Gets Treated By Shahid Afridi

Brett Lee got treated by Shahid Afridi in Australia when he bowled him for the first time. Shahid Afridi was facing him as an opener and he thought that the bowler would bowl him short pitch stuff. The bowler bowled him with a speed over 90 miles per hour but he never expected such thing from Shahid Afridi. Shahid Afridi on the pitches of Australia treated him with the same speed.

Amazing bowling of Brett Lee was smacked by the all rounder Shahid Afridi when he had just faced the bowler for the first time. Shahid Afridi did not have any fear of losing the wicket against Australia so he played his natural innings. He went after the fast bowler of Australia who had the fame of bowling at the speed of ninety miles per hour.

Shahid Afridi never got scared by the speed of the ball since he could hit the ball with the same speed. The pitches of Australia also did not tease him. He went after the full pitch delivery by the right arm fast bowler and the ball went all the way to the straight boundary. Nobody thought that the bowler of Australia would be treated in that way.

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