Brendan McCullum Goes for Golden Duck

Left arm fast bowler Muhammad Amir got the man of the match after he took five important wickets of the opposition in the ongoing Pakistan cup in the city of Faisalabad. It was the best performance of any player so far in the ongoing domestic Pakistan cup. During the match his team set the huge target of three hundred plus but when they came to bowl, Muhammad Amir really broke the back of the batting team.

Left arm fast bowler Muhammad Amir has made a comeback after five years and he has performed really well. Everybody respected him for his brilliant bowling sell that has produced in the Pakistan cup. During the ongoing Pakistan cup he did not only bowl economically but also got five wickets for his team Sindh. He

Other bowlers did not get any help from the pitch as Muhammad Amir’s team set a huge total for the opposition and all the experts including cricketers thought it to be a dead wicket for the bowlers. Muhammad Amir started to bowl and also he started to swing the ball both ways. Left hander and right hander did not have any clue which way the ball was going to move.

Being fast bowler he created the angle that was unplayable for the right hander batsmen and the left hand batsmen also struggled against him. In his spell of ten over, he managed to get the wickets of two left hander and three right hander batsmen. All the players in the team of Muhammad Amir were really happy to see him back in the rhythm.

Such fast bowler was really needed for any team if it wanted to have more wins in the Pakistan cup. Pakistan cup was organized to include national players so that they could attract more people in the cricket stadium. Pakistan cup has been a success so far as it has been watched throughout the country on the national television.

Muhammad Amir Sends McCulum for Golden Duck

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