Brave Eagle Eats Flying Toxic Snake

Brave eagle of wild life ate flying toxic  snake in the fields of Africa. It was the most dangerous fight of the wild animals of the wild life. The fight was watched by so many people on social media that it broke all the records of the animal fights. The toxic snake has been living in the water under the sea and needed to come on the surface of the sea.

The wild eagle needed to get some meal for his hungry baby in the nets of the wild fields. For that very purpose it came down on the surface of the sea to hunt its victim. It has been observed that the flying toxic snake has been the real meal for the eagles and their babies. The hunting bird came down very sharply when the toxic snake came out on the surface to look out.

It became victim of the wild bird and it grabbed the snake and took off to feed its baby. The toxic snake fought very well to rescue itself from the grip of the bird but since it has lived all its life under water that made it difficult to get rid. The bird at last ate it and made it food for its baby.

Eagle vs Toxic Snake

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