Brathwaite Surprises World by Four Consecutive Deliveries

Brathwaite became hero of the West Indies cricket team when he hit four sixes on the four consecutive delivers and stunned the whole world including England cricket team. It looked all impossible until the right hander batsman started to open his arm. Nobody could believe that a world cup final would end up in such a huge surprise when the four sixes were hit in the final over the world cup.

Brathwaite turned out to be the hero of West Indies. Everybody in the stadium was supporting them rather than the England team. Ben Stokes was the man who was bowling in the last over and he had to defend nineteen runs in six deliveries. They were the favorites until he was hit by one six on the leg side. He tried to pitch the ball to the full length but missed the length.

Nobody left the seats since the thrill was on and they all wanted to go the match till the last deliver. The batsman was in full flow as he smashed the second ball above the boundary line. The stadium shouted in favor of West Indies and all the supporters of England looked sad. The commentators were all really excited at the run chase of West Indies.

Hitting of Brathwaite reminded the winning shot of the West Indies player Russell who won the game in semi final against the mighty Indians. It looked to be Samules show but nobody believed their eyes when the batsman on the striker end smashed the third six of the match on the bowling of Ben Stokes who against bowled a half volley.

Hitting of Brathwaite recalled the memory of the semi final win of West Indies. England team was hoping Ben Stokes to bring the game back in their favor by bowling the last three dot balls. One run was needed on three balls and all the spectators were hoping for a single from the right hander. It was surprising and amazing that the right hander hit the winning shot by going for a big shot. Fourth consecutive six of the fourth ball made everybody speechless.

Braithwaite’s Four Sixes

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