Brathwaite Hits four Sixes to Steal the Win

Brathwaite hit four sixes on consecutive delivers to get West Indies to their home and win the world cup. He was under rated before the world cup but in the last over he became hero of the World cup. In the last over nineteen runs needed and the right hander had to play his all shots to win the world cup. All eyes were on the right hander batsman.

Brathwaite was not known to the world till he finished off the last over win for the West Indies cricket team. It was huge effort for the man who won the game for his country that looked quite difficult. The last over was bowled by the all rounder of England who had a good reputation of bowling death over. He has been bowling Yorkers in the final over.

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The whole world could not believe the loss of England from that stage. Everyone thought that it would be difficult to score nineteen runs in the last over. England has been performing really well in the world cup. The most interesting thing was that they had beaten West Indies in the first match that was played in the world cup.

Brathwaite was very passionate about his win against England and he must have planned his last over hitting. Although the set batsman Samules was playing very well but he was on the non striker end. All the responsibility of West Indies was on this batsman who had to show the world that West Indies were the real champions.

Brathwaite surprised everyone by hitting those huge hits in the world cup against England. It was said that England was the favorites in the world cup since they had played brilliant cricket throughout the world cup. The last over innings of that batsman cost them big match that was expected to be won by England until last over.

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