Bowler Gets World Record of 2 wickets on Same Ball

Bowler made world record of getting 2 wickets on the same ball but the umpire had to give only one batsman out in the cricket match that was played in New Zealand. The umpire was also in confusion that which batsman should have been sent to the pavilion. The cricket on field umpire sent the decision to the third umpire for the visuals.

Incredible world record of taking 2 wickets on 1 ball by bowler of New Zealand was almost made if it was possible. The ICC and the umpire who was organizing the match could not rule both the batsmen out. This was only possible only if there were any rules of taking more wickets on 1 ball. The umpire and the bowler was in confusion whether he got the wicket of the batsman who played the shot or the non striker.

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This was the most amazing incident that happened in the ground of New Zealand. The bowler also belonged to New Zealand cricket team. He bowled a ball to the batsman that was played and returned to the bowler. The bowler got the ball and ran the batsman out who was out of the crease on the non striking end.

World record of 2 wickets on the same ball was denied by the umpire as it could not be possible. The umpire gave the decision to review the ball. The third umpire after the video gave a decision to give out to the batsman who played the shot since it did not touch the ground before going in the hands of the bowler of New Zealand.

Amazing world record has been made in many matches that were played in New Zealand. The ICC and the umpire said that they could not give out to both the batsmen since the batsman on the striking end hit the ball straight into the hands of bowler of New Zealand. Non striker was afraid of going to the pavilion since he was out of the crease but umpire did not ask him to go.

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