Boom Boom Surprises Crowd

Boom Boom surprised crowd and the bowling opposition when he won the match in the last over by hitting two sixes on two balls. The bowler never expected such performance in the Bangladesh premier league match. The Pakistani cricketer has been famous for such hitting throughout his career. That was the most interesting match in Bangladesh.

Boom Boom show was on in Bangladesh premier league. The supporters had been shouting Shahid Afridi for his match winning sixes in the country of Bangladesh. This was the huge effort from the Pakistani star performer who has fame all over the world where the cricket has been played. The video of that short innings has been uploaded and shared on social media by so many fans.

Lately he has been named captain of the Pakistan cricket team but could not perform up to the expectations of the supporters back in country. He apologized to the whole nation and told everybody that he tried his best to make the nation proud but could not get succeeded. Fans on social media have really appreciated his recent message in which he apologized to the nation.

Boom Boom has always been remembered for his hard hitting innings. He did not only win hearts of the people in the Bangladesh premier league but also all over the world. Recently he had been to India and people from India wanted him to do well. He got the support from everyone sitting in the stadium. He was asked to join the premier league in India as well which he rejected.

Boom Boom signed another project with the premier league in the county cricket in England. He also wanted to continue cricket both away and at home. Unfortunately some controversies have been affecting his performance too. The recent video of sixes in Bangladesh premier league showed the support he had all over the world.

Boom Boom Surprises Crowd

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