Boom Boom Shahid Shows Great Determination

In an ODI match against New Zealand Boom Boom Shahid showed great determination as he was hit on the shoulder. The bowler Jacob Oram delivered a very dangerous beamer to him which he could not avoided due to pace behind it. Therefore he dropped the bat immediately due to pain but after taking few minutes he stood up through his determination to play for the country.

New Zealand bowler Jacob Oram went for plenty of runs in the match and towards the end of the inning he was expecting powerful hitting from Boom Boom Afridi. He looked quite nervous while bowling to Afridi and he delivered dangerous beamer to batsman. He immediately approached to batsman and apologized him.

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Boom Boom Shahid knew the importance of his wicket and last few overs of the inning. So he did not walk off the field due to injury and decided to stay there for team. He hit powerful six on the very next ball of Jacob Oram over extra cover and showed his fitness. He did not show worry about pain after hitting the ball on shoulder.

Boom Boom Shahid hit few valuable runs towards the end of inning and gave competitive target to New Zealand. The Kiwis bowlers leaked plenty of runs in last few overs due to power hitting of Afridi. Therefore it added extra pressure on the batsmen to score runs with good start without loosing much wickets.

The sportsmanship and determination of Boom Boom Afridi against New Zealand earned him lots of respect all over the world. The commentators also praised his sportsmanship after getting hit on the shoulder. The beamer bowled by Jacob Oram could have shattered the confidence of batsman but it never happened and the game continued with more passion and thrill which amused the spectators a lot.

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