Boom Boom Gives Match Winning Performance

Boom Boom gave match winning performance in the Bangladesh premier league. His needed eight runs on last three balls and he was on strike. The crowd and the opposition did not know what was going to happen in the stadium of Bangladesh in that premier league match. The bowler was quite nervous too. The result was as expected from the Pakistani cricketer.

Boom Boom always had confidence in him and he never was afraid of going for the huge hits anywhere in the innings of the match. Pakistani cricketer has been giving match winning performances in the matches. The latest innings was also watched and liked by so many fans all around the world. Bangladesh hosted the premier league in their country.

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Shahid Afridi has always shown great character towards cricket. He recently gave a video message which also showed the intention of his batting style. He said that he always played for the entertainment of the people and his fans. That match winning innings in the premier league that was played in Bangladesh was also part of his career.

Crowd shouted Boom Boom after he hit the two sixes on the fourth and the fifth ball. The opposition was silent when the hitting hits were made. All the players of Shahid Afridi team went out in the middle as to give appreciation to the all round cricketer form Pakistan. That was the most interesting match of Bangladesh premier league.

He was named Boom Boom for such hard hitting sixes by one of the commentators. Those match winning sixes lifted the moral of the team of Shahid Afridi and the whole stadium in Bangladesh went crazy. This was the performance of Shahid Afridi that matched his style. People back at home in Pakistan kept on shouting and supporting their hero in the Bangladesh premier league.

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