Boom Boom Afridi Strikes for 12 Runs on 1 Ball

Boom Boom Afridi struck the ball that hard that it resulted in 12 runs on a single ball. That was the most surprising shot that was ever played in any cricket field. Nobody would have ever thought that a maximum of 12 runs could be possible in 1 ball. That incident happened in a county match that was played in England and Pakistan player was hit the ball to the roof. Any shot that touched the roof was supposed to be given 12 runs.

Boom Boom Afridi was not a new cricketer in the county match of England so everybody who was sitting there expected such record from him. The amazing shot looked like a base ball shot in which the batsman struck the ball with all the power that he had. The umpire and the match referee had to decide about the signal of the 12 runs since it happened for the first time in any form of cricket.

The crowd and the whole media were also excited to watch that record of making 12 runs on 1 ball. It was something very new to the cricket fans. The cricket fans of England did know that 2o runs have been scored on one ball in a county match that was played in Australia. In that match the bowler bowled no balls and the batsman got the reward as a free hit.

Amazing hit of Boom Boom Afridi was watched on social media by the cricket fans with so much passion. That incident of amazing shot happened some years ago when Shahid used to play for the county match in England. Recently he had a contract with the cricket match of Australia. Big Bash League had become very popular.

Boom Boom Afridi has been the real star from the Pakistan cricket team that has surprised many cricket fans with his amazing shots. He had been cherished by the cricket fans all over the world including the ones who have been living in England. They loved him for his big hits during the county match and in the shorter formats of the cricket.

Boom Boom Scores 12 Runs on 1 Ball

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