Boom Boom Afridi Hits 12 Runs on 1 Delivery

Boom Boom Afridi hit 12 runs on 1 ball in a county cricket match that was played in England. Everybody was so amazed to see the hit that resulted in the highest number of runs on one ball in any form of cricket. The county cricket match was played under roof and it was decided that any shot that touched the roof would result in the twelve runs.

Boom Boom Afridi has earned his name all over the world even in England he had become very popular for his hitting. He set that world record since nobody was ever able to hit the cricket ball to that height. The match was being played in a stadium that was covered with roof. The match referee and the other organizing staff that any hit that could touch the roof would be given 12 runs.

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That amazing shot would have touched the skies if the roof was not there. Everybody who had come there in that stadium in England to watch that county match was surprised to see the highest hit that was hit by one and only Shahid Afridi. The umpire had to give the signal that was quite different to the six.

Boom Boom Afridi has been loved by so many people who had come to witness the hitter of the century. All the people including Pakistanis started to call Shahid Afridi with his typical name. That was the most amazing hit ever played and witnessed by the cricket lovers. They could not believe that for the first time in cricket history they were able to see the signal and 12 runs on 1 ball in England.

Boom Boom Afridi was not surprised to see that hit since he always believed that he had the ability to hit long sixes. Although that hit did not go that far in a distance but the height was probably the factor that touched the roof in the county match in England.

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