Boom Boom Afridi Gets Injured in Practice Match

Boom Boom Afridi got injured in the practice match played at Qaddafi Stadium when a ball was hit on his helmet. The former captain and all rounder of Pakistan cricket team had protection but the ball went through the helmet and hit him on his jaw. The injury was not severe but the doctors had asked him to take rest before continuing his cricket.

Boom Boom Afridi got injured before the Asia cup when he along with other cricket players were having a practice at Qaddafi stadium Lahore. A medium fast bowler bowled him a bouncer that had touched the helmet but also hit him on his jaw. All the players gathered around the star all rounder to check if everything was alright. The doctors had also arrived in the middle to give the initial treatment.

The news caster reported that incident in their headlines on their private channel. However the good news was that the doctors had briefed media that there was no severe injury to the leg spinner and hard hitter of Pakistan cricket team. Due to the protection of Helmet his jaw remained safe. The protections of such cricket stuff have been the compulsory these days.

Boom Boom Afridi felt alright and wanted to continue the practice match since he had got the new helmet but the doctors have asked him to stay outside rather than playing in the middle. They said that he should have couple of days rest and then he could feel fresh and play accordingly. Many cricket players have been getting injured in the practice matches.

Boom Boom Afridi injury was a big concern for the fans and the other players as well since he was the main player of Pakistan cricket team. He himself looked pretty alright and hoped for a quick recovery although the ball did not hit him really hard through the helmet. The cricket fans were really worried but the doctors’ statement had given theme satisfaction.

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