Black Camel Goes Crazy

Black camel went crazy when its slaughter went wrong by the butcher who pretended to be the expert one despite of the fact that he never went for the slaughtering of the giant animal. The giant animal looked very huge by the looks but never showed any intention of doing anything bad until its slaughter went wrong by the butcher.

The camel went crazy when the people kept on asking to start the sacrifice but the butcher could not tie its legs properly. As the slaughtering process started it got crazy and kicked the butcher with great power. The butcher was thrown away by the huge animal. All the people standing near the giant animal who were watching the sacrifice started shouting for the help.

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The butcher asked his colleagues to keep holding the animal. It worked really fine and the animal walked for some minutes but then fell on the ground. Everybody who was present there thanked God for saving their lives. Such incidents had attracted lots of people on the social media when the video of that incident was shared by the boy who recorded it.

The black camel video was watched by lots of people who were present there. They said that the real incident of the giant animal kicking the butcher was deadly dangerous in the real time as they also witness it live on the road. The butcher did ask everybody to stay away from the area where the giant animal was being slaughtered but nobody listened to it.

The camel and cow slaughter have been very popular on the social media on the event of the Eid festival since the kids and the young people really wanted to see their slaughtering on the road. The butcher had to be really expert to bring the giant animal down for the slaughtering purpose since it has been observed in the past that the butcher’s mistakes took people into trouble.

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