Big Cow Speaks Allah Akbar

Animal spoke the name of Allah when it was being slaughtered. That incident happened when a heavy weighed cow was being sacrificed on the Eid festival. This was something amazing that all the people got really surprised and started to praise Almighty. The video of that incident was made by the kids who were present there at that place.

Animal speaking the word of Allah was liked by so many people around the globe and it looked very strange as nothing was said similar to the language that was known to the human being. That big cow was bought by a man who had to sacrifice it on the eve of Eid festival. The butcher was present there and he started to sacrifice it.

The procedure was started and all the other helpers started to help the butcher. The cow was strongly built and everybody had to make their effort to bring it down on the floor for the sacrifice. It was so strange that when the butcher and his helpers got free after the slaughter of the cow, it started to say Allah just like any human being.

That animal saying Allah shocked everyone and they all were really surprised to see that cow. They were really amazed at the miracle when a cow was saying Allah just like any human being. The butcher and the others were also watching that incident. One of the persons who were also watching this incident started to capture the whole incident by recording the video.

The animal video saying Allah was watched by lots of people on the internet when the butcher and the other men shared it on social media. So many people started to amaze when they heard the cow saying Allah. They all said that it was amazing to see a cow calling such a sacred name.

Cow Speaks Allah Allah

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