BBC Footage Makes Public Cry

BBC Footage made public cry the other day when it showed the story of Indian Daughter who was mishandled. The documentary was shown on the news channel when it exposed some of the darker sides of India. So many girls have been victimized by the bad people and they have not been able to raise their voice against women rights.

BBC Footage was made by the producers of the news channel when it started to bring awareness of women rights in India. The documentary showed some hard facts of the society of the Indian country. The story of an Indian daughter was brought to the notice of the public and the media. The girl was victimized in the bus by the driver and the conductor of the bus.

The parents of that girl gave an interview to the producers of the news channel and they told them some shocking facts about the bad act that was made with their daughters. The parents of that lady revealed that the women rights were not given to their daughter and she was shifted to the hospital after she was badly treated by the people in the bus.

Producer of BBC Footage also showed the interview of the people who were involved in damaging the women rights of the daughter of the poor parents. The mother of that lady kept on weeping and told the painful story of the girl who lost her life in the hospital. The news channel also wanted to raise the awareness of the women rights in the Indian country.

Factual BBC Footage was made with the interview of the parents who were so poor and they could not save their life from the bad people who were present in the bus in the night. That guy also told the whole story of mistreated that girl. The news channel showed the real faces of those people in their program.

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