BBC Footage Expose Bad People

BBC footage exposed the bad people who mistreated the Indian daughter in the bus and they did not care about the women rights of that lady. The story was also shown on the news channel when they showed that documentary. The true events were shown in the documentary when the producer told the whole story about the victimization of the girl.

Story by BBC Footage was something that hurt lots of people when they heard and watched the interview of the poor parents. They told that their daughter was victimized in the bus when she was traveling to home. The news channel also interviewed that guy who was involved in that incident. Indian daughter needed women rights which were not given and taken out by those people.

The story of the parents showed the brutality of those people with that Indian daughter when she cried and shouted for help but those people never listened to her. She was mistreated and mishandled so badly that she had to be shifted to the hospital by the people when those guys threw her outside the bus by kicking her.

Real BBC Footage showed the original words of the man who was culprit in that incident of misbehaving with the lady of poor people. The mother of that lady was weeping while she was telling the incident of her daughter when she asked for her women rights. The mother made everyone also weeping when she felt helpless.

With BBC Footage getting aired on the news channel, the whole Indian got to know the pathetic people who have been living in the society with no women rights. The people who misbehaved with that lady, who lost her life in the end in the hospital, told the news channel about some shocking moments when they behaved like animals.

BBC Footage of Poor Girl

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