Batsman Smashed Twenty Runs in One Ball

Batsman smashed twenty runs in one ball and surprised the whole world. That match was played in Australia in the Big Bash league that had become very popular in the cricketing world too. The match was totally out of control of the batting side but the left handed player who was on the strike never lost belief in him.

Left hander Batsman Travis Birt has been in good nick throughout the Big Bash League and their players had confidence him that he could win the thrilling match. The stadium had good capacity of the crowd who had come there to enjoy their holiday. They were also enjoying the performance of the bowling side.

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At the start of the Big Bash League many players came out in the news that had performed very well in Australia. All the overseas players also were part of the Big Bash league. The umpire was also getting surprised in the last over as he also did not believe that twenty runs could be made on one last delivery. The bowler had played international matches for Australia and he had also lots of experience of playing with the top class men.

Batsman was full of confidence when the last over was about to be started in the Big Bash league. The bowler who had played international matches could not keep the line and length right. He bowled couple of wide deliveries and also bowled no balls as well. The left hander smashed sixes out of the park. That innings of the Big Bash League was being watched on the big screen too in the stadium.

Batsman was very quick off his legs and he also looked to have total command of the big hits over the leg side. The video of that match showed that the umpire was also surprised at the wayward line and length of the bowler.

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