Batsman Makes twenty Runs on Last Ball

Batsman made twenty odd runs on the last ball that were needed on the one ball. Nobody could believe that it was going to be made possible by the left handed players. Interesting match was part of the Big Bash league in Australia. Bowler and the umpire kept on looking in the sky as the huge hits were hit by the player.

Batsman was on strike and the bowler started to bowl his final deliver that was supposed to be an accurate one. The crowd of Australia had also come there in the stadium to watch the match of the Big Bash League that turned out to be very interesting in the end. The right arm bowler started to run for the final delivery but he could not pitch the ball where he wanted.

He bowled a ball over the waist height of the left hander which he pulled to scare leg region. The ball went all the way in to the crowd. People of Australia had lost their confidence and they were about to go to their homes since they thought that the match of the Big Bash league was over. Travis Birt did not lose hope and kept on believing himself.

Batsman was lucky enough to get a free hit since the bowler had bowled a no ball. The amazing scene in the ground of Australia was just started. The umpire also was very cautious about the foot of the bowler that was almost touching the front line. The bowler had to stay behind the line but he could not do so. The Left hander of the team started watching he cricket ball like a foot ball.

That batsman got lots of appreciation when he managed to pull back the match of that interesting Big Bash League. He surprised everyone by making a world record. The batting side had won the match that looked impossible. The bowling side that was considered to be one of the best side lost a sensational match.

Batsman Needed 20 Runs on Last Ball . What Happens Next?

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