Bangladesh Team Faces Trouble in Asia Cup

Bangladesh Team faced trouble in the Asia cup in the final over of the final match. They had to make only nine runs in the final over. Their supporters also thought that it would be easy for them to win the match but their hopes were shattered when they lost the match. Their supporters started to cry when Pakistan won the final and the Asia cup.

Bangladesh team reached in the final of the Asia cup and hoped that they would win the final as well. They played really good cricket throughout the tournament but had to face the music in the final. Pakistan on the other hand never let the opposition taking full control of the game. They kept on squeezing the runs and took the match to the last over.

Their set batsmen were at the crease and they along with the other players in the dressing room wanted to steal the victory from the hands of Pakistan in the Asia cup final to win the cup. The supporters of their team have always been very supportive for them. They always had come in the stadium to support them despite of their poor performance recently.

Bangladesh fans never thought that their hopes could be down and under in the last over since they had fair chance of beating Pakistan till the second last over of the match. Pakistan had to bowl very well since they had only nine runs to defend to win the title. Their fast bowlers had arrived to bowl and give his hundred percent efforts.

Winning percentage of Bangladesh team was much more than the bowling side Pakistan. The last over was started and all the people had to stay focus to any result of the final of the Asia cup. The bowler of Pakistan team bowled some Yorkers and became the cause of cry for the supporters of the batting side since Pakistan was able to restrict the batting side to win the Asia cup final.


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