Bangladesh Supporters Cry in Asia Cup

Bangladesh supporters cried in the final of the Asia cup when Pakistan team bowler did not let them achieve the required target. They had three wickets in their hands and needed only 9 runs on just 6 balls. Commentators also said that the batting side had the advantage and they might win the match but the bowler bowled very accurately.

Bangladesh team had won only one match in the world cup matches from Pakistan. Since then they have been fighting really hard to prove them to be better than Pakistan team. They had hoped to win the final of the Asia cup when they needed only nine runs in the last over of the match. The supporters were also very excited to see their team winning the cup.

The supporters and the players in the dressing room were hopeful for a victory again in the final to take the trophy for the first time in their history. On the other hand Pakistan team has always been the unpredictable team in the world cricket. They have been performing badly until some of the players had come up to win them the matches.

Bangladesh stadium was full of supporters who wanted their team to win the final and lift the trophy. The last over of the Asia cup final turned out to be sensational since nine runs needed of last six balls of the Asia cup final. All the supporters started to become sad as the bowler was able to bring the game back in the favor of Pakistan in the Asia cup final.

Bangladesh supporters had to regret their performance as they could not win the match and Pakistan team managed to win the Asia cup final in the last over courtesy some very good bowling from the fast bowler. Pakistan team cherished the moments of that victory in the final of Asia cup since it was quite tough to come up on the top as the champion of the Asia cup.

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