Bangladesh Players Try to Become Hero

Bangladesh players tried to be hero by playing six when they just needed two runs to win and all of them got out. They thought of Shahid Afridi when he had hit the match winning six in the Asia cup against India. That match was also against India when Indian got the last three wickets on three balls and won it on the last delivery. All players hit the same shot as Shahid Afridi used to play for Pakistan.

Bangladesh Players were part of the team that was one of the teams of the world that has emerged as one of finest teams in the world. Their players have been working really hard to improve their cricket. They had beaten Pakistan in the world cup as well. Due to that win their batsmen started to have confidence in themselves.

Their batsmen were trying to be too smart in a match against India when they were almost near to the victory but could not get it. On the other end India had played wonderful cricket and their players never said anything extra ordinary. They have been really hard working guys. Their batsmen have also shown confidence in their captain.

Bangladesh players were really impressed by the all round performance of Shahid Afridi when the right arm leg spinner and the right hand hitter of Pakistan won the match against them. In that match all the girls who had been in the stadium started to cry. They thought that Pakistan could not win the match but Shahid Afridi had different views.

Bangladesh Players were trying to become real hero of the world cup game against India when they just neared the victory and needed only two runs of three balls. They had wickets in their hands but Shahid Afridi had really good impact on their minds as all the batsmen tried to hit winning shot like Shahid Afridi.


Bangladesh Players Copy Shahid Afridi

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