Ball Hits Boom Boom Afridi in Practice Match

Ball hit Boom Boom Afridi on his jaw despite of wearing helmet. It all happened in the practice match that was being played at Qaddafi Stadium Lahore. The bowler was not bowling that quickly but the ball hit him on his helmet after deflecting from the gloves. Although he had worn helmet yet the ball went through the gate and hit him on the jaw. Doctors had checked the injury and asked him to take rest for couple of days.

Boom Boom Afridi had the helmet on and was trying to play the fast bowlers with ease but one of the balls came very quickly and got big on him. He tried to defend the ball but the ball hit him on his helmet and also went through it. After hitting the helmet it just went on to hit his jaw and he slight got injured. Doctors had a close check up and said that he would be fine in couple of days.

The injury of the star all rounder was not serious and the doctors advised him to take rest for couple of days. The team manager also briefed the media that he had little injury and would be fine by the time the international match started. This injury happened before the Asia cup when all the team players including the all rounder were preparing for the Asia cup.

Boom Boom Afridi has been one of the top players of Pakistan that has been followed and loved by cricket fans all over the world. That practice match was played in Lahore. Although the medical treatment was given to him yet the doctors had said that he should have been rested for couple of days so that he could come and focus on cricket again.

Injury of Boom Boom Afridi has always been a concern for the cricket team and the cricket fans at the same time. The all rounder had served really well for the country and due to his hard hitting innings and wicket taking abilities, the cricket fans always loved his style. His helmet was not broken at all despite of the fact that the cricket ball had hit it.

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