Bad Reception of Cricket Players Takes Place At Airport

Cricket Players were treated badly at Lahore airport when they came back after an early exit from the world cup. Team players never expected that the people had gathered there in so much anger at the airport. Team players of Pakistan could not face the harsh questions and the abuses of the angry crown who had come to show their anger at the players who could not work hard.

Cricket players history of welcoming team players did not look different when the team players lost some crucial matches without putting up real effort in the ground. Nobody seemed to give hundred percent according to his capacity or talent. The news through the media and the body language of team players also gave a notion that some of the team players did not want to support the captain in winning matches.

Such kind of reception had happened in the past in the era of Imran Khan. He used to tell the whole story in an interview. Imran Khan the legend told in an interview that in the past Pakistan team had lost quite badly in the matches and all the team players were scared of returning homes due to the immense angry reaction of the public at airport.

Cricket players performance made them think differently and all the team players decided to return home in the early morning as they believed that people might come at airport with eggs and tomatoes. The airport security was much more secure this time. All  the policemen at the airport were smart enough to stop any chaos that was supposed to have taken place there.

Cricket players did not respond to any of the supporters instead they kept their faces down and kept on walking to their vehicles to go home. Airport became quite noisy when the team players arrived and all the people started to shout with loud voices of shame. All the players felt really embarrassing and did not respond to show any emotions.

Cricket Team Gets Reception With Abuses

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