Azhar Mahmood Plays Abdul Razzaq

Azhar Mahmood who has been living in England for quite some time now and represented the county team in the county championship in every season had the chance to play against the other all rounder and his countryman Abdul Razzaq. Abdul Razzaq has bowled and batted well in that county championship but he had to pay a lot when he bowled to the other all rounder.

Batting of Azhar Mahmood has been a great advantage like Abdul Razzaq. They both have been picked by their teams for their wonderful skills with bat and ball. They happened to play against each other in England and the battle was won by the man who has been living there in England since he has moved from Pakistan to the Britain and has been living there with his family.

Both the cricketers of Pakistan team have not been selected in the recent times since the selectors thought that their cricket has been finished. The performance of both all rounder players has really forced the selectors to think about bringing them back in the team. Abdul Razzaq has given some hints to the selectors after amazing performance in England that he wanted to continue play cricket.

Azhar Mahmood recently was appointed the bowling coach of the Pakistan cricket team in the world cup. Pakistan cricket team could not perform really well and all the criticism was given to the bowling and the head coach. The all rounder who has been given responsibility to work with the Pakistan cricket team had lots of experience of playing shorter format in England.

Azhar Mahmood and Abdul Razzaq both had played together for the country but never played together in the county cricket in England for the same team. The teams have chosen themselves for their performance for the country of Pakistan. Abdul Razzaq told the media that he could continue to play for domestic cricket so that he could make a strong comeback.

Azhar Mahmood vs Abdul Razzaq

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