Australia Makes World Record of 263

Australia Makes World Record of 263. Shahid Afridi Blasts Sixes off Shane Watson at Lords. Daryl Tuffey forgot to bowl against one of the best wicket keeper of Australia when he opened the innings. The New Zealand bowler started the ball with the passion that he could get the opener out in the first over amazed the whole cricketing world and his captain when he had given away extra balls. The umpire had to give four wide balls and four no balls against Australia.

Daryl Tuffey used to be the premium fast bowler of New Zealand and had bowled really well in the recent matches against Australia. During that over he got his line wrong and overstepped for eight times in that over against the opener of Australia. The captain was really worried when the bowler kept on bowling wide and no balls.

Australia has been on top since the wicket keeper had been really positive throughout the series. He smashed the balls towards the boundaries since he had been in very good touch with the bat against all the bowlers of New Zealand. The umpire was from Pakistan and he was also very active during that over since the bowler was continuously bowling wide and no balls against Australia.

As Daryl Tuffey started to bowl, his direction of the ball was wayward and tried really hard to get the line straight but could not do so. The captain was also very worried when the bowler of New Zealand bowled fourteen balls in that over. The batsman of Australia took advantage of the over and sent the deliveries to the boundary that came near to his bat.

Over of Daryl Tuffey consisted of 14 balls, the most lengthy over of the cricket history. That over of New Zealand bowler really made the cricket fans bored in the stadium. They got sick of the bowling as the over last for more time than it usually took for six balls against Australia.

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