Australia Gets Shocked by Sri Lanka

Australia got shocked by the team Sri Lanka when they were about to win the match as their main players were in the middle and they needed only ten runs to win of just eight balls. Everyone just got relaxed in the dressing room but the players of Sri Lanka never left any hope of winning that match. They had five wickets remaining but they could not score the required runs in eight balls and lost the match by 1 run.


Australia players got relaxed when they needed just 10 runs on the just 8 balls and they were thinking that they could achieve the cricket target in the last over. The players of Sri Lanka cricket team also had thought the same thing but they had been asked by the captain to fight till the last over. The bowler who bowled the last over gave it all.

This cricket match was one of those cricket matches that had the interest of the fans till the last ball. Chaminda Vaas bowled the last over and he had to contain them to win the match for the Sri Lanka cricket team. The bowler of the team Sri Lanka started to put in hundred percent effort and they had called all the fielders in the circle.

Australia thought that they could easily make a boundary shot on any balls of the last over but it just was left to the last ball of the crucial cricket match when they needed four runs on the final delivery of the cricket match to win it. All the eyes were on the batsman who had been winning the matches for his team and it was his test.

Embarrassing moment for Australia came when they could not manage to score four runs on the final delivery. The bowler contained the batsmen and he bowled a last delivery to the left hander batsman who hit the ball in the air to the long off boundary. The fielders of Sri Lanka team gathered to catch the ball and throw the ball to the bowler who ran the batsman out to end the interesting cricket match.

Australia Gets Embarrassed

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