Australia Embarrassing Cricket Match

Australia got embarrassed in a cricket match that was played against Sri Lanka. They were cruising to victory and looked like they would win it comfortably but the bowler who bowled the last over for Sri Lanka stunned them. They lost the match that looked to be quite safe by 1 run. All the players who were sitting in the dressing room could not believe their defeat.

Australia team was pretty much settled just ten balls before the match was finished. They had their five wickets remaining and it looked like that Sri Lanka would lose the match straight away as some of the best players were in the middle. The bowlers of Sri Lanka cricket team had all the confidence in themselves to fight till the last ball.

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It just happened in the same way that the bowlers of the bowling cricket team kept on fighting and never let got the match from their hands. The batting team did not lose any other wicket and they came out on the losing side with the same wickets in hands. Both the batsmen could not finish the game in the last over of Chamida Vaas.

Australia team lost the match by 1 run and that moment all the players in the pavilion could not believe that they had put in all the effort but they did not get the results in their favor. The bowler did not let the batsmen scored the required runs in the last over. They needed four runs on the last ball but the cricket team who was batting could manage to make only three runs.

Australia lost it by one run and the whole team turned out to be choker in the end. Same sort of match was played in the world cricket cup when South Africa lost the match from this very team. South Africa also looked to be on the winning side before the last over was bowled.

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