Australia Cricketer Kicks Javed Miandad

Australia cricketer Dennis Lillee and Javed Miandad fought with each other in the ground. Umpire had to come in their way to stop them. This was the worst incident in cricketing field. Javed Miandad tried to show his anger by scaring him with the bat. Javed Miandad could not control his anger and tried to hit Dennis Lillee back with his cricket bat.

Fight of Australia cricketer with Pakistani batsman took the attention of whole cricketing world since it appeared to be the worst fight of the history of the cricket. Both the players were feeling the heat during the match that was played many years ago. Off the field they might have good relations but in that particular match they were quite angry at each other.

Dennis Lillee started the fight as he was hit unintentionally by Javed Miandad when he was coming to the bowler’s end for a single. In the way of his comeback Javed Miandad was looking at the ball and he could not see the bowler when he hit the bowler. Dennis Lillee knowing stopped there and started to gaze him with real anger.

Australia player then hit Pakistani player with his leg into his body. The umpire was standing between both of the players so it could not hit Javed Miandad that hard but he could feel the pain of that kick. Javed Miandad then just looked back and found that Dennis Lille was there to fight with him. Javed Miandad got really angry on that act of the bowler and wanted to throw bat at him.

Other Australia cricketer and the umpire tried to calm down the things between both two players who were playing a gentle man’s game. Javed Miandad really controlled himself otherwise that bat could have hit the bowler really hard and it could have hurt him bad. Dennis Lillee thought that the batsman was just doing a joke then realized that it was his fault.

Worst Cricket Fight Between Dennis Lillee and Javed Miandad

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