Australia Cricketer Fights Javed Miandad

Australia cricketer fought with Pakistani Javed Miandad and it was recorded the worst fight of the history. The incident happened way back in the past when Dennis Lillee hit Javed Miandad on his leg. He did that since Javed Miandad pushed him while he was coming to take single of his bowling. Dennis Lillee got offended and then took his revenge.

Australia cricketer has been bowling really quick and fast throughout his career. He was a fast bowler, so he used to have attitude that was shown during the match between Pakistan and his country. The match was going alright with so much fun in the game until the fast bowler got rude with Javed Miandad. Javed Miandad hit the ball and ran for the single run.

Dennis Lillee was standing in the way of Javed Miandad who did not see him as he was looking at the ball. That unlucky moment came in the match when they both started to have grudge in their minds. Both players got hit with each other that caused the tension between Dennis Lillee and Javed Miandad. On the return of the bowler he again hit Pakistani cricketer with his leg.

Australia cricketer then intentionally hit the leg of Pakistani player who was not even looking at him. The umpire was between both the players and was keeping an eye on all the incidents that were happening throughout the match. Javed Miandad then looked back and saw the bowler in anger who hit him with his leg.

The Australia cricketer made a mistake that was pointed out by the umpire too but he did not agree with umpire’s decision of getting calm down. Javed Miandad got angry on that issue since he did not do wrong to anyone in the match. He got angry and wanted to hit hard Dennis Lillee but stopped the bat. The video could show the anger of the Pakistani batsman.

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