Australia bowler Gets Smashed by Muhammad Irfan

Australia bowler got smashed by Muhammad Irfan out of the ground. That hit by the bowler of the Pakistan cricket team was the longest by a tale ender in any format of the cricket sport. The boundaries of the Dubai cricket stadium were not short but the hit of the Muhammad Irfan went all the way into the crowd.

Australia fielders were also shocked to see that long hit by a tale ender. Muhammad Irfan has been in the news due to his height as a fast bowler but this news of longest hit made him famous in the category of batting and sixes. Muhammad Irfan smacked the ball with full speed as if he was trying to get revenge from the opposition.

That one day international match was played in Dubai and all the spectators who had come there got dejected due to the poor performance of the Pakistan cricket team. Pakistan lost that match and it was quite easy win for the opposition. Muhammad Irfan’s six entertained the crowd that was quite sad about the embarrassing performance of all the player of Pakistan team.

Australia did not mind about that huge hit by the fast bowler of Pakistan team since they got relaxed because they were comfortably winning that match at Dubai cricket stadium. The video replay of that huge hit also made the spectator exited since they had come there to see such hits by the batsmen of Pakistan team but they failed to perform.

Australia has been winning matches against Pakistan team in Dubai cricket stadium despite of the fact that the venue of Dubai has been the home ground of Pakistan. Some of the players had played Indian premier league at Dubai.

Muhammad Irfan Hits 96 Meter Six

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