Australia Bowler Gets Huge Six by Muhammad Irfan

Australia bowler was hit by Pakistani fast bowler Muhammad Irfan for huge six. The distance of that shot was ninety six meters. That was the longest six by any tale ender. Muhammad Irfan has been known for his height in the international cricket but the height and distance of his hit surprised Maxwell who was bowling to him.

Australia bowler was also very surprised to get hit by a tale ender and the hit was out of the ground. That incident of the longest six by a tale ender happened in Dubai cricket stadium. Crowd at Dubai cricket stadium started to shout in excitement. That match however went in favor of the bowling side. Due to the win by the team bowling at that moment they did not care about that six.

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Muhammad Irfan has been very popular in the modern days due to his height in sport of cricket. He has been main fast bowler of Pakistan cricket team. He did not get much of the opportunities to bat in the middle but he stunned the whole world with his batting in Dubai cricket stadium when he hit the cricket ball with so much power that it went all the way into the crowd.

Bowler of Australia was Maxwell who was bowling spin deliveries to the tale ender. He just bowled a half volley to the tale ender Muhammad Irfan. The bowler did not expect any hit from the last player of the Pakistan cricket team. Muhammad Irfan smashed the cricket ball with his all the power and surprised the whole stadium that was quite silent due to the Pakistan loss.

Australia was about to win that match quite easily but the bowler got disturbed by the long hit of the Muhammad Irfan. Maxwell did not expect such hit in the Dubai cricket stadium since it did not have short boundaries at all. The long and lengthy fast bowler might have been practicing the hits in the nets at Dubai but in that match his hit made him earn his place in the record of huge six by a bowler.

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