Asmara Afridi Dances on Baby Doll Song

Asmara Afridi danced on famous baby doll song. The video got the attention of all the fans of Shahid Afridi who loved her very much. Little daughter of Shahid Afridi has been the focus of the news during the Pakistan super league and people from all over the world really adored her for her innocent looks. She has been loved very much by his father.

Asmara Afridi got the love from the supporters of Boom Boom Shahid Afridi since he himself loved her more than any daughter and she has been the beloved daughter of her father. The video that was shared by someone from his family was watched by so many people on the internet. The dance that was done by the daughter was really cherished by so many kids too.

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She has been the love of the family and all the media channels focused the daughters of Shahid Afridi during the Pakistan super league since they had gone with their father to support the team of Peshawar. The recent innocent dance of the daughter of Shahid Afridi was one of the most watched dances on social media by the fans of Shahid Afridi.

Asmara Afridi is loved by the whole family members of the captain due to her innocent looks. Shahid Afridi has been blessed by four daughters and he loved them very much. The fans of captain have been praying for the birth of the son since they have been thinking that the whole family might be completed with the birth of baby boy.

Dance of Asmara Afridi in her room was also liked by her father as well. Interesting part of that dance was that she stopped dancing by saying that it was time for Adhan prayer so she could not continue dancing on the song. Afterwards daughter of Shahid Afridi switched off the TV.

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