Arrival of Dajjal Gets Organized

Arrival of Dajjal has been organized by some of the countries of the world. The signs of those preparations of the arrival have been exposed many Muslim Scholars in the short documentary. The Muslim Scholars said that according the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the arrival of that devil is supposed to happen in the sea.

The Dajjal has been chained with the arms and his legs have been locked with shackles. That statements and the incident have been told by the Muslim Scholars according to the Hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He said that it is supposed to have the wish for occupying the Medina but it has been stopped by the angels of Allah.

According to the short documentary of the Muslim Scholars, the arrival has been sopped form seven different doors. In reality these seven doors have been built outside Medina and it could be seen through the map of the world. Some countries have been organizing the arrival of that devil and people did not know it.

The Dajjal might encamp outside the mountains of the Medina where he was supposed to call almost seventy thousand non-believers to his camp who have been misguided. The video documentary also showed that Saudi Arabia has been also preparing for his arrival and this could be seen through the dimension of the extension of the Masjid Al Nabwi.

The Dajjal has been worshipped by many non believers and they have been very excited to welcome it. The recent discussion of the Muslim Scholars also revealed that the tallest buildings of the world including the Kingdom Palace have been built to welcome him. Those signs could been seen on the world map as well.

Arrival of Dajjal

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