Another Shane Warne Emerges in Yasir Shah

Another Shane Warne Emerges in Yasir Shah. Yasir Shah bowled like the world class bowler Shane Warne. Shane Warne had bowled a ball during his cricketing days that stunned the whole world. He turned the ball a long way and that was the reason that delivery was called “the ball of the century”. Shane Warne got lots of fame after bowling that delivery and he was known for huge turning bowler of the world cricket.

Yasir Shah on the other hand appeared on the cricketing scene when bowled magnificently against England in Dubai. England team had come to Dubai to play test series against Pakistan. The Pakistani new leg spinner had bowled brilliant and took many wickets in that series. In fact the leg spinner of Pakistan cricket team was given man of the series.

He also bowled a delivery that got rid of the England batsman with the same sorts of huge turn just like Shane Warne. The ball pitched on the middle and leg stump and then it just went towards first slip beating the bat and the leg of the batsman. The batsman was completely bamboozled by the huge turn of the leg spinner.

The commentators and the cricket experts started to compare his delivery to the legendary Shane Warne when he bowled that “ball of the century”.

Yasir Shah Bowls Like Shane Warne

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