Animal Shocks Public By Saying Allah

Animal shocked public by saying Allah when it was being sacrificed on the event of Eid festival. The strange incident shocked whole people who gathered at that place along with the butcher. The butcher did not have to make any real effort to bring the cow down on the floor. The owner of the cow also loved the cow when he bought it.

That huge animal did not irritate any of the family members of the owner who bought the cow for the sacrifice purpose in fact they all loved the way it lived some days before the sacrifice. The kids of the owner of the cow also took pictures of it. They were also happy with the cow the way it behaved with them during its stay with them on the eve of Eid festival.

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An expert butcher with some helpers was called in for the sacrifice of the cow. The butcher started to sacrifice the cow and it did not bother them at all. The owner of the cow was also very pleased with the way butcher sacrificed the big cow. The kids of the family started to capture that moment with their camera by making video of the sacrifice.

That animal surprised everybody when it started to call the sacred word of Allah while it was being slaughtered. The video showed that the cow was saying Allah with clear voice as everybody could hear it properly. The amazing scenes were captured by butcher also when he also recorded the video of the incident when the cow was saying Allah.

Huge animal saying Allah was something that the butcher and the other persons never forgot and every time they went to buy the cow for the sacrifice on the Eid festival they talked about that cow that said Allah. The kids of the owner were also very pleased and surprised to see the cow calling Allah and surprising them.

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