Andre Russell Stuns World by Six

Andre Russell stunned the whole cricketing world by hitting huge six to win the match for the West Indies. The hit was huge that the fielder had not chance to catch the ball. Virat Kohli was the bowler who had to restrict the all rounder so that India could go through the finals in their home yard but the batsman shocked everybody in the whole stadium.

Andre Russell always believed him to be the player who could finish the match in a fine style. He showed it in the semi final against India which looked to be by far one of the best team in the world cup. The video of that hit was almost watched everywhere and he were appreciated for hitting that huge final six of the innings.

The innings against India was considered as one of the best innings of his career in the international cricket. All the people who did not belong to India cricket team, praised him for coming out to be the victorious at the end of the semi final of the world cup. The six off the bowling of Virat Kohli was the shot of the whole world cup.

With six of Andre Russell the whole stadium got silent and their eyes could not believe that their hero Virat Kohli could have gone for the hit that could cost the semi final to India and West Indies could go to the final of the world cup. The story could be told in one sentence that Virat Kohli turned zero from hero.

Winning hit of Andre Russell has pushed his rating very up with the best of the players. Other players from the side of West Indies ran towards the middle of the ground and they lifted him up on his shoulders. The winning moments were watched by whole India and West Indies. Virat Kohli stood there in the middle for some time since he could not believe his eyes.

Historical Six of Andre Russell

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