Anchor Exposes Ice Cream Parlor

Anchor of private news channel exposed the ice cream parlor that have been allowing young boys and girls to meet in the private areas to do bad acts. The shameful acts of the young men and women were revealed when the female host of the news channel raided that so called ice cream parlor with the camera man of the program.

Female anchor did not know what has been done in those public places until the employees of the news channel got to know the news from the reliable resources. The owner of the ice cream parlor did not accept the allegation until the female host personally watched those immoral deeds when she reached there with full evidence.

Nobody knew what was been allowed by the owner of the ice cream parlor. He denied everything when he was asked and interview by the female host of the news channel. The incident happened and the evidence was captured with the cameras of the news channel. This was the most immoral incident that shocked the whole community of the society.

The news anchor caught many people who had come there just to have some fun with the opposite gender. The indecent deed was not being monitored by the owner of the ice cream parlor. Despite of the fact that he knew everything that was happening there as he had been charging more money than the normal charges for ice creams.

Raid of news anchor with the camera men exposed the bad deeds of the couples who had come there just to have fun with each other. Common man of the society did not notice anything unfamiliar to the ice cream parlor since they thought it to be the decent place for the young men and women. They got to know the stuff that was being done there when the female host of the news channel showed it on the TV.

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