Anchor Archana Performs Commercial during IPL Match

Female model and anchor Archana performed a commercial during IPL match break and stunned the viewers because it looked so real that no one could think of commercial shot. The expressions of people in studio also suggested that anchor made blunder while going off air during match.

However the situation was pre planned for the commercial using IPL platform and all people were part of it. The viewers thought that cameraman forgot to switch off the camera and then female anchor started to talk in romantic mood with co-anchor. Every body in the studio showed stunning expressions as well.

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The acting of people in the studio was amazing and puzzled the viewers and they took it reality. However the last few seconds unveiled the reality of romantic talk. The acting of anchor Archana along with the expressions of studio people made the commercial quite successful.

Before this incident, no one came with the idea of shooting commercial during IPL match using the real time situation. The idea worked for them and it became one of the finest commercials in Indian history. Female anchor proved his talent once again and reminded that she was model-cum-anchor.

The clip of the commercial got immense viewership on social media websites and majority of the public considered it blunder from the part of anchor Archana. Later the media channel unveiled the reality to public and everyone appreciated the idea of shooting commercial in real situation of the match.

Female anchor Archana used right costumes for the commercial and did not let the people guess that it was not blunder at all. The IPL management along with ground staff allowed them to perform real time commercial during match. Every person looked stunned after watching the clip for the first time as they never expected such blunder from female anchor.

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